Who Is This ZEBU?

The ZEBU was born in Switzerland 1971, and is still living there.

In Zürich, he was studying Computer Science. The three most interesting implementations for his diploma were a speech recognition system for a medical camera system, various load distribution policies for a distributed image processing server, and a sophisticated tool for the analysis of job shop scheduling algorithms.

The education at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology has made a purist out of the ZEBU. Therefore, he likes simple, efficient, and useful programs. The ZEBU is thinking that simplicity, clarity, and elegance are the hallmarks of good programs; obscurity, cleverness, and complexity are indications of inadequate design and misdirected thinking.

The ZEBU has been working for different software companies like Crypto, IBM, Elca, Quatico, texasWINthem, and Avaloq. He has a long programming experience and a deep knowledge in C, C++, Java, PL/SQL, VBA, PHP, and CGI.

The ZEBU is married since may 2002 and father since april 2003. Besides developing software, he is playing baritone saxophone in a dixie band (called the sixpack), and is playing squash regularly.

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